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Do competing priorities push your health and fitness to the bottom of the list? takes a more powerful approach to helping you stick
with your exercise program than you will find anywhere else
on the Internet.

We understand that developing a regular exercise habit is challenging for
most people. We are here to support you in getting to the bottom of what really
motivates you. When you learn to create deeper long-lasting motivation
you will not only make gains in your fitness, but the quality of your life as well.

Ultimately, it is not just about a better body, its about a better life!

  • Most people start to exercise with the goal to look better, lose weight or prevent disease at some later time in life.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way you look, improve your health and prevent disease.

  • These are very reasonable goals, they just tend not to hold up over the long haul.

  • Why? Because in order to be truly motivated you have to find out what is truly meaningful and motivating to you.

  • Bottom line - you can't integrate exercise into a life without consideration the real stuff of your life - your purpose, your values, your vision, and your challenges.

Yes, our exercise plans are great, but without the support
to fully integrate a plan into your life,
your chances for lasting success are minimal.

We assist you in understanding motivation and how to create it in your life. Here is a sample, please consider these questions:

  1. What ten things are you doing that tend to sap your energy?
  2. How do those things get in the way of consistent exercise for you?
  3. What five things do you value most in your life?
  4. How can a reasonable and consistent exercise habit support what you value most?
  5. What is your vision in terms of who you want to be, what you want to be doing and what you want to have - in six months, in one year, in five years?
  6. How can regular exercise support the vision you have for yourself?

These questions are just a sample of how deep we are willing to go to support you in establishing a truly meaningful exercise habit.

For the motivation to maintain an exercise habit comes from a deeper desire than to simply look better. Long-term motivation is often linked to a deeply held sense of purpose and very personal values. That is true motivation, and that is what we are here to support you in discovering for yourself.

  "As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I appreciate the clarity in your communications and the recognition that there are many options for each person to use in their quest. Keep up the great work. Thanks again!"
David C. - San Diego

Our support services are divided into two categories:

  • Exercise Program Planning
  • Ongoing Exercise Support

Our exercise planner is like none other! We start with an assessment of your health, fitness, preferences and goals, and you end with a 35-plus page book with all of the details of your aerobic, strength and flexibility programs. Any aspect of your exercise program can be changed at anytime as your health, fitness and preferences change.

"I am your typical yoyo dieter and exerciser.  The program organized me in such a way that I was able to make exercise a daily routine.  The online tips, motivational clips, and an increased feeling of wellness kept me on track. I have lost 30 pounds from following a very simple walking and strength training program.  I now challenge myself to increase both my strength and endurance goals." 
Joann S. - Boston

Our ongoing exercise support is composed of a variety of services:

  • eSupport Newsletter
  • Q&A Forum
  • Exercise Scheduling with eMail Reminders
  • Exercise Logging with Activity Calorie Counting
  • Barriers to Exercise Assessment
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Tools for Success
  • Resource Library with Articles and FAQ's

The emphasis of our support is to assist you in establishing a consistent exercise habit. You can certainly live without exercise, but when you are active and fit, life is definitely easier and of higher quality.

"I have been very pleased with MyExercisePlan. The site not only helps me to learn new exercises and techniques, but also adds a level of accountability as I track my progress in all areas. More than anything, MyExercisePlan helps the motivated athlete stay hungry and striving to constantly exceed your goals."
Mark M. - Seattle

Our methods are based on proven scientific research, not on a model’s picture of perfection, media fad, or some superficial promise.  Our promise is to assist you in establishing habits that last, habits that are based on values that truly enrich your life.

It is not just about a better body, it is about a better life!


Features and Exercise Plans

General Programs
Weight Loss
Muscular Strength & Endurance
Heart Disease Risk Reduction
Health Maintenance
Stress Management
Exercising Safely During Pregnancy
Sports Specific
Golf Fitness
Tennis Fitness
Softball Fitness
Snowboard & Ski Fitness


Health Challenges
Exercise During Cancer Treatments
High Blood Pressure Management
Types 1 & 2 Diabetes Management
Weight Loss Following Gastric Bypass Surgery
Cardiac Rehab (CAD, MI, CAB, PTCA)



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